Monday, February 26, 2007

After Dinner...

Marco and I just finished eating supper. For some reason I was really looking forward to tonight even though we try really hard to make eating together a part of our normal routine. Over the last month, life has been extremely busy with "more"...more meetings after school, more errands to run, more jobs to do, more lists to keep track of, more late nights.... After another busy day and with those other things in the back of my mind I was looking forward to sharing my day with Marco. He is such a good listener. Tonight while we ate supper at the island I often got excited about teaching and kids and he patiently and intently listened about my day.

Here are some of the highlights :):
* At 8:30 I took my Grade 2 class to gym. They were really excited to play tag games and floor hockey early this morning.
* For the rest of the morning, we wrote Dr. Seuss-like stories. Even if you are not a kid you should visit It's a lot of fun!
* After recess, I spent 20 minutes sorting out a bullying issue that happened on the playground because it was more important than doing math.
* Shortly after 2:30, I had a boy take a huge nose-dive on the classroom floor. There were lots of tears and blood. After doing the basic first aid, we took a little walk to the office.
* When I came back to the classroom, no one was focused so we had some free time at the end of the day :).