Saturday, September 29, 2007

About half an hour ago, I watched as Marco drove away in a white 15 passenger van, not filled with people, but filled with dishes, glasses, prepared food, knives, and his red tool box. He is on his way to Calgary. Tonight Marco is cooking a revolving, six dish meal for 25 people.

I am so proud of him and am honored to call him my husband. He left cooking and working as a chef in the Fairmont Hotels about 7 years ago because he knew he was putting cooking before his relationship with God. He started pursuing God and seeking after Him with all of his heart.

When Marco moved to Red Deer and friends found out he was a chef they would ask him to cook for them. Over the last few years he has willingly done a few functions like Christmas dinners, youth fundraisers, and my grandpa's memorial service but he has not pursued cooking full time, even though it is his passion. At each of these events I would stand back and watch as he used his talents and gifts with food to serve people :). He always felt awkward and a bit unsure when people would say "Wow! This is amazing..." because he knew that God deserved the praise, not himself.

As I go to school each morning and get to work with kids (my passion), I've prayed that we would both know in a real way if and when Marco was to do a catering event. So, this weekend is different. It is not just a is an answer to prayer!

I love you Marco!