Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Ellie,
Tonight you woke up with a start just after 10:00 pm. I'm not sure if you had a bad dream or if your stuffy nose and cough from your cold startled you. I went into your room, lifted you up from your crib, and sat down in the rocking chair. At first I tried to hold you close to me with your head resting on my shoulder but you wanted something different. You wiggled and squirmed until you had turned yourself around and were facing out. I gently tucked your arm behind my back, wiped the tears from your eyes, put my hand on the side of your cheek, and then you immediately put your head on my chest. You lifted your other hand and rested your fingers on my arm. I wasn't ready to lay you back down after you settled and were calm. Instead I held you, your head resting against my chest, feeling those tiny fingers against my skin, listening to the steady rhythm of your breathing, your body perfectly cradled in my arms. I wished time would slow down and almost stop. I wished I could hold you like that for a long time. My eyes welled up and tears fell down my cheek. I was speechless except for one prayer silently whispered, "Thank you, Lord for my Ellie. "
Love, Mommy

Saturday, June 27, 2009

At 8 months, Ellie...
* made 6 plane rides to North Carolina and Thunder Bay, Ontario. She was a wonderful, little traveler. Now she has been to each coast of North America.
* and her mommy (and daddy too) are thankful to be home for the rest of the summer.
* measures 30" long, has blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. We've been told that she has very distinct eyebrows :).
* is wearing some 9 month clothing but mostly fitting into 12-18 month clothes.
* doesn't like to play on her back anymore but likes to sit up to see and reach for things around her.
* can push herself backward when on her tummy.
* is very ticklish and laughs every day.
* makes gaga, baba, aaahhhh, mama, and murmel sounds.
* LOVES food! So far she has tried applesauce, pears, peaches, bananas, and orange wedges,
sweet potato, carrots, peas, green beans, pumpkin, cucumber, and corn on the cob,
cereal, yogurt, chicken, and crackers.
* has no elbows, knees, nuckles, or ankles...a little chunky monkey!
* uses her pointer finger and thumb (and sometimes her whole fist) to pick Cheerios and Puffed Wheat off her highchair tray.
* celebrated her first Father's Day!

I can't believe that Ellie is 3/4 of the way to her first birthday! I know this summer will go by fast!