Sunday, September 27, 2009

Many people stop and ask me, "How old is she?" It is an "ah-ha" moment each time I answer as I realize that she is 11 months old today and next month she will be 1! Ellie is growing and changing so quickly and each day is about learning something new. It's amazing!  At 11 months, Ellie...

* is on the move and is crawling on her hands and knees.
* is by no means walking yet but she has figured out how to walk with assistance! She pulls herself up on everything and has started reaching toward the next piece of furniture as if she's contemplating how to get there.
* magazines, books, Tupperware, the pantry, and the pots and pans cupboard are her favorite things to get into.
* loves her food and aside from cereal in the morning, applesauce, and yogurt, doesn't want us spooning it into her mouth mashed up or pureed. Just bite size on my tray please ;)!
* has two teeth and weighs about 22 lbs.
* is back to drinking 3% milk from her sippy cup. She took a break and wasn't keen on drinking anything. Period. Many thanks to the help and encouragement from my Mom, I persevered and kept offering her the sippy cup...first with soy milk, then with half soy milk and half 3%, and now we are only drinking 3%. But, warmed up please!
* is determined and persistent when she sees something she wants.
* wears 12-18 month clothing but the jeans are almost too tight.
* loves going for walks and meeting new people along the way. She gets so excited when we meet a walker and their puppy.
* loves to sit on the floor or on your lap and look at books.
* plays peek-a-boo with her hands and her blankets.