Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Favourite Things

Yesterday afternoon I watched Oprah to see what made her list of favourite things. She talked about her favourite clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, food, electronic gadgets, etc. for the year and then gave each favourite thing away to every audience member. At first I was really happy for the deserving men and women in her audience; they were all relief workers for Hurricane Katrina. But after a while I started to feel jealous, greedy, and selfish. When is Oprah going to invite me to be a part of her audience so she can give me her favourites? Thank-you Father for forgiving me when I focus too much on my self and for showing me how blessed I truly am!

After reading another blog I started thinking about my favourite things...the simple things I enjoy, the meaningful things, the things that last, the things that are of eternal value. Here is my list:

* The amazing love and grace of God--it is unchanging, unfailing, and unending
* The blessing of my husband Marco--I love you!
* My family near and far
* Close friends that you can be honest and "real" with
* Towels and sheets that have dried outside in the sun
* Hearing rain fall on a tin roof
* Walking through the river valley when the leaves are changing colour
* Waking up to fresh snow on the ground
* Seeing the first patch of green grass or red tulip after winter
* Walking by the window and seeing the most beautiful sunset
* Shopping with a latte from Starbucks
* Taking good pictures with my camera
* Watching the Amazing Race, Lost, and CSI on the couch with my husband, maybe with a bowl of popcorn
* Lighting candles after supper
* The smell of a clean house
* An unprovoked hug and "I love you" from a child
* Hearing a child laugh--the kind that is way down deep and makes you laugh too
* Being a "kid magnet" on the playground

Well, I think I'm going to stop here. What are your favourite things?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well, it is Sunday night and I felt like doing some baking. Lately Marco has been looking in the cookie jar hoping that while he has been at work I've replenished the cookie supply. I thought tonight would be a good night! One of my favourite cookies is peanut butter cookies. I love how the smell from the oven fills the house. It makes it warm and cozy inside. They also melt in your mouth and are just perfect with a glass of milk. Someone has just made their way over to the cooling rack...I think I should join him!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tonight Marco and I went out for supper to one of our favourite restaurants. For our wedding, a friend gave us a gift certificate to Earls and she wrote on the card: "Marriage should be the beginning of romantic dates and not the end!" We really enjoyed her gift and the time we could spend together. Over supper we realized that Christmas will be a busy time as we celebrate with family and friends. We wondered when we would be able to have a Christmas together. Marco came up with a really good and romantic idea. Instead of giving each other our gifts on Christmas, we are spreading out our Christmas and gift giving over the four weeks in December; one gift for each week. I am really excited! I love surprises and Christmas secrets!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Our Home

Home is something I think about a lot probably because it seems I have many "homes" around the world. If I have counted right, I think I have lived in 24 different homes, in 6 different countries including Canada, the USA, the Philippines, China, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. Marco has moved at least once for every year of his life :). After moving so many times you start to wonder where your home is and what a home really means.

There are many definitions of the word "home" but I really like this one that I found on a card as I was browsing in a stationary store in Edmonton: "Having a place to go--is a home. Having someone to love--is a family."

Marco and I are starting our first home. No, we are not living in an old, rickety, and crowded jeep on a bumpy, dusty road. We are living here...on the top floor of the brick building on the corner. After getting married, it took us awhile to clear a path through all the boxes, unpack the boxes, and find places for all the things inside the boxes. Now, our apartment is more than a physical house and just place to go. It is our home and we really enjoy the view!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


We are restless, we are ready
To be anyplace but here
And the waiting has a way
Of making one thing very clear
There is variance in circumstance
Direction and occassion
But the truth is we're all travelers
Who have not reached our final destination