Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Girls Night

Last Tuesday night the four of us met at Moxies on the west end of Edmonton for a girls night. We really wanted to get together before we all left in different directions for Christmas. Girl's Nights are not new for us. When we were all at the UofA, we would get together a lot to celebrate the end of exams, graduation, before a long trip, birthdays, or holidays. A girl's night usually includes margaritas, diet pop, or coffee, appetizers and/or dessert :).

These girls are really an answer to prayer. When I came to Edmonton to start university from my year at Capernwray I really had no close friends in the city. The last two years had been hard years of "saying goodbye": first to my friends and classmates I had grown up with in Papua New Guinea and then to my friends I had spent a whole year with at Bible School. My mom and I started praying together for a close friend. I met Carolyn my second year at Grant MacEwan. After a few short months of getting to know her it felt like I had known her all my life. There are so many things that we have in common and yet we are different so that we can encourage and challenge each other in our walk. Carolyn introduced me to her two other close friends, Carolyn and Treena, and I have enjoyed getting to know them as we spent time together at university, survivor nights, and girls nights.

THANK-YOU...for making me laugh, being there when I am discouraged, and supporting me through "big" life decisions. I really appreciate your servant hearts for God, your honesty, and your integrity. Your friendship is such a blessing to me!

(The picture is of the four of us at Carolyn's wedding June 26, 2004)

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