Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here is an email I sent to family and friends this week that I thought I would share here too :)!

Well, the last few days have felt like a whirlwind of excitement and nervous anticipation. Last Friday (February 3rd) I had an interview at Iron Ridge Elementary School in Blackfalds, AB for a part-time position teaching kindergarten. The interview went very well! I understood all the questions and felt I was able to answer them confidently. The principals were impressed that I supported my answers with lots of examples from my practicum and substitute teaching. At the end of the interview, they explained that they had narrowed it down to myself and one other candidate. Before they could make the final decision they need to see me teach.

I was back at the school on Monday afternoon (February 6th) subbing in the kindergarten room and so I prepared to teach a Math lesson. That day I could see God working in so many ways--their were only 17 kids instead of 23, some of the kids had colds and so instead of "acting out" listened very well, the kids weren't distracted by the principal being there, and instead of scrambling my words when I know I someone is watching me teach, I was able to speak clearly. My hands and voice didn't even shake!

Wednesday (February 8th) I got a phone call at 8 am. I recognized the number from the school and knew it was the principal. She offered me the position and wanted to know if I would accept it. My hands and voice were shaking at this point. I asked if I could have one more day to think about it (a.k.a. phone Marco and let him know about the offer). After talking with Marco that morning we knew it was God directing our steps. I phoned the principal back at 10:30 am and accepted the position. It isn't official yet but I like saying that I am a soon-to-be-part-time-kindergarten-teacher :)!

Right now, I am so thankful for God's blessings! He is faithful!



Amanda Brown said...

Congratulations, Kristin! You will make a wonderful kindergarten teacher!

Brent and Kirstin said...

Hurray Kristin! That's fabulous! Keep us posted on how things go. :) When do you start?

darien said...

oh, I'm so very happy for you!