Friday, August 31, 2007

Our Summer Through Pictures

I can't believe that it is Labor Day weekend already. It seems like we were just at the beginning of summer. I thought I'd post a few pictures to let you see what we've been up to.

At the end of July we were all together to celebrate Erika and Arden's wedding :). It was a beautiful day but very hot!

On August long weekend, we went camping with friends to Horburg (near Rocky Mountain House).


I spent most of my days at home which was wonderful. I really enjoyed being able to read a book in my quiet house while drinking a good cup of coffee of course :). I was also able to pick some berries which was a lot of fun!

Last weekend, I flew to Winnipeg to celebrate Tanya and Todd's special day. I was blessed to be there.

I hope you enjoy the last few days of summer before heading back to school...or work :). Can you tell that I'm already thinking about Grade 2!


Cari said...

YEAH!! You're back!!!!
Great pictures and sounds like you've been keeping busy!
Us too! Well, right now it's just plain INSANE!!!
I know in a few weeks we'll all be settled into some kind of routine (at least I sure hope so)

Hope you've doing well. Love you!

Erika said...

Yay! A post with such beautiful pictures!!! Keep blogging yo! I hope your last weekend on holidays is great with quiet, relaxing moments before you are back to busy school! I love you! We need to talk on the phone soon!

LC said...

When I saw your blog address on the site meter on my blog, I thought "she is still alive!" Joy! Well, I knew you were anyway, but as Erika says, Keep blogging yo!


darien said...

yup, let me add my two cents my dear. you were missed! I checked EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm an optimist? And I'm optimistically hoping you'll continue to blog Thanks for the pics.

Brent and Kirstin said...

Hurray Hurray! Thanks for the update! You should put up some pictures of your new home! Ü