Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pieces of You

* Had technical difficulties so I'm posting reflections from the 1st month today as well.

Dear Joel,

1. After one month, you weigh 12 lbs 4 1/2 oz and measure 22.5 inches long.

2. At your 5 day and 8 day check up, you blew the health care nurses and Dr. B away.  You are thriving!

3. Both sets of grandparents were here for your arrival and were able to stay for the beginning days at home.  What a blessing!

4. You were welcomed by many friends and family, near and far, with phone calls, emails, meals, gifts, and packages in the mail.

5. You did not stay in the "newborn" onesies, sleepers, and diapers for much time.

6. Your first smile was the Monday Daddy went back to work and we flew solo at home.  Thank you!

7. You aren't keen on the soother.  If we put it in too quickly you start to gag.

8. Being swaddled and falling asleep on Mommy or Daddy's chest is what you prefer and we are okay with that!

9. You are such a content boy.

10. In the hospital, you let me know that you needed something to eat by smacking your lips.

11. At home, we mostly hear grunts if you are not content and only cries if you are really hungry, on the tired side of things, or have a bit of tummy troubles.

12. Your big 'ister Ellie is quite fascinated with you.

13. Ellie asks to hold you every day and wants to be near you as she plays. 

14. In the morning, or after sleeps, she greets you with, "You're awake.  Good morning!"  If she hears you cry, she'll come to where you are and say, "It's okay my boy.  Ellie's here!" 

15. At the end of September, you took your first road trip to visit great Grandma Ellefson for her birthday as well as visit with some great uncles and aunts too.

16. You are a wonderful little traveler already and don't mind your car seat as long the car or stroller is moving.

17. In didn't take you long to settle into days and nights.  You often give Daddy and I, 3-4 hour stretches at a time.

18. You are a strong boy.  When you are on our chest, you can hold your head and neck steady.

19. You quietly take in what is going on around you...whether you are in someone's arms, in your swing, or on our bed.

20. When I look at your long fingers and little feet, I wonder what you will do when you grow older?  Musician?  Bass player?  Rugby player?  We see lots of pictures of things to come for you, my son. 

21. You are a good eater. 

22. You don't mind coffee...second hand that is...for which your Mama is grateful.

23. Bath times are different for you than they were for Ellie.  You love being in the water!  It won't be long until you are out of the small tub and into the big tub.

24. Whether you are getting your diaper changed or getting ready for the bath, you have not had a true melt down.

25. However, you keep us on our toes when it's time to change your bum. 

26. Depending on the day and the light your eyes will look brown or dark blue-grey.

27. You have a double crown on the top of your head.  We've had people comment that we are "doubly blessed" and we would agree whole-heartedly!

28. These are the pieces of you we remember and love in the last 28 days with you at home!

Mommy and Daddy

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