Monday, November 14, 2005

Our Home

Home is something I think about a lot probably because it seems I have many "homes" around the world. If I have counted right, I think I have lived in 24 different homes, in 6 different countries including Canada, the USA, the Philippines, China, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. Marco has moved at least once for every year of his life :). After moving so many times you start to wonder where your home is and what a home really means.

There are many definitions of the word "home" but I really like this one that I found on a card as I was browsing in a stationary store in Edmonton: "Having a place to go--is a home. Having someone to love--is a family."

Marco and I are starting our first home. No, we are not living in an old, rickety, and crowded jeep on a bumpy, dusty road. We are living here...on the top floor of the brick building on the corner. After getting married, it took us awhile to clear a path through all the boxes, unpack the boxes, and find places for all the things inside the boxes. Now, our apartment is more than a physical house and just place to go. It is our home and we really enjoy the view!


Brent and Kirstin said...

Hey guys! What a great idea. (We're going to copy you). :) Love the picture of the vehicle. Actually, I love that whole series of cards. Oh this is Kirstin, by the way, not Brent, in case you were wondering. :) I notice we have some similar taste in music aka Norah Jones. :) Huge fans here...ask Brent what the inside of his wedding band says sometime...

darien said...

hey guys....i really like what you're doing!