Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tonight Marco and I went out for supper to one of our favourite restaurants. For our wedding, a friend gave us a gift certificate to Earls and she wrote on the card: "Marriage should be the beginning of romantic dates and not the end!" We really enjoyed her gift and the time we could spend together. Over supper we realized that Christmas will be a busy time as we celebrate with family and friends. We wondered when we would be able to have a Christmas together. Marco came up with a really good and romantic idea. Instead of giving each other our gifts on Christmas, we are spreading out our Christmas and gift giving over the four weeks in December; one gift for each week. I am really excited! I love surprises and Christmas secrets!

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Erika said...

What a hot couple. What a hot blog. What a hot post!!!! Keep the hot dates going guys!!! Tonight I have a hot date! With my Dad!!! Woooooooo!
I love you guys!