Friday, April 07, 2006

ABCs About Me

A is for Age ~ 23
B is for Beverage ~ Cinnamon Dolce Lattes from Starbucks.
C is for Career ~ Kindergarten Teacher
D is for Dad's Name ~ Haakon Christian (Chris)
E is for Extracurricular Activity ~ Volleyball, golf lessons with Marco, taking pictures, scrapbooking, walking
F is for Favourite Song(s) of the Moment ~ I've been trying to focus my days by listening to worship music while I'm in the car.
G is for a Good Time ~ Getting together with friends
H is for Hometown ~ Born in Hay River, NWT
I is for Instrument you play ~ Flute
J is for Juice You Like ~ Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry Juices
K is for Kids ~ While on a missions trip, I was called a "kid magnet". Teaching kids is my passion and I hope one day we can have kids of our own.
Living Arrangement ~ The top-floor of the Flatiron Building in Lacombe
M is for Mom's Name ~ Judith Marie (Judy)
N is for Name of Best Friend ~ Lately I have been really encouraged by my friend Carolyn. I have many wonderful friends.
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays ~ Just once when I was young. I have been very blessed with good health.
P is for Pets ~ Salt-water Aquarium Fish
Q is for Quote You Like ~ My bulletin board has a few quotes on teaching and this is one I come back to: "There is no job easier than teaching if you don't care--and no job harder if you do."
R is for Relationship that Lasted the Longest ~ Marco and I have been married for nine months this weekend :)
S is for Siblings ~ Erika & Nathan
T is for Trip you were last on ~ Fairmont, BC for our Honeymoon
U is for U2 song you love ~ I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
V is for Vegetable you Love ~ Too hard to choose only one
W is for Wine you like ~ Zinfindel
X is for X-Rays you've had ~ My teeth
Y for Yummy Food you make ~ Chinese Stir-fry
Z is for Zodiac Sign ~ Like someone blogged "I believe in the Creator of the stars…not the stars themselves "


Erika said...

See? You're so good at blogging!!!!

Hope my threat wasn't to scary. I'm pretty intimidating you know?

I love you!

Carolyn Parkes said...

You're back - hurray!