Friday, April 07, 2006

It 's been awhile...

...but we are doing well! Sorry for the lack of blogging for all you faithful bloggers. I decided that tonight I would dust off the keys and do a little blogging before another day of not blogging turns into a week which turns into a month or two :).

Life has been steady and busy ever since I accepted the teaching postion at Iron Ridge Elementary School. I ended up starting at the beginning of March, one week earlier then expected, and the last month has blown by. Even though I teach part-time, my days are filled preparing lessons and units, coming up with new ideas to make the classroom more my own, getting to know the staff and the 21 kids I teach, and doing assessments for report cards :).

On Wednesday, Marco and I started taking golf lessons at one of the high schools in Red Deer. Marco is looking forward to when the courses open this spring and he can take me out for our first round of golf together. I have never golfed before so I was very nervous walking into the gym. I was thankful when I saw the curtains hanging to divide the gym into little driving ranges. I could swing and miss and not worry about how blotchy I went. This week I learned some of the basics: how to hold a club, stand, and swing.

What does our weekend hold? I'll probably put in a few hours at the school on Saturday while Marco does a few things at Hertz. Saturday night, we are getting together with the young couples from church for a games night and potluck. It will be good to get to know people a bit better and have FUN! I hear the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and time you spend with family and friends!

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Brent and Kirstin said...

yay yay! good to have you back. ;) we'd love to get together with you guys at some point over the summer!