Friday, October 24, 2008

From Cookies to A Bun In the Oven

It's been a long time since my last post and a lot has changed for us! Thank you to all you faithful readers who have kept on checking for the last 9 months. Marco and I are eagerly anticipating the birth day of our baby and it could be any day now. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures that my talented sister Erika took on Thanksgiving Monday. I'm so glad I said "Yes" to being in front of the camera because we had such a wonderful time together and the pictures are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Great job Kristin and Marco!
we are so excited and can't wait for the next update.
The Guthries

Candy said...

look at those GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!


oh yeah.....

hello! I found you through a Derek Webb/Donald Miller search- and I love reading your blog!

Erika said...

It was such a precious time... and now your precious one has COME! You are a beautiful Mom.

Krause Family said...

I can't wait to to meet the little beautiful baby girl! What did you name her? Congrats you guys!! YAY!!!

Kirstin said...

Holy smokes, clearly we haven't talked in a while...well, congratulations! Hope you are all well!

Kirstin and Brent