Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ellie Renae

Our Ellie ("light") Renae ("reborn") is 10 days old today.  She came into the world on October 27th at 4:03 am and weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz.  The last week and a bit we have been resting at home and enjoying the love that has been showered on us by grandparents, brothers, sisters, a great-grandmother, and friends. We are truly blessed! We have also been doing a lot of cuddling, especially in Daddy's safe and strong arms. The last two days our little family has gone for a drive into Red Deer.  The time together has been so special!


Cari said...

Ohhhh!!!! How I wish I could hold her and smell that newborn baby smell!
I am so so happy for you both! A baby is such a blessing.
SO glad that you have family close by too.
Enjoy these special times together. Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Kristin and Marco,

She is well worth the wait for us all to see this blog get back into action!
I just can't wait to get down and see her. Congratulations. Savour evry moment. All too soon she will be up and gone, and you will wonder where the time flew.


LC said...

I kept checking, and am so glad to see these photos and others from the proud gramp and gran... and watching them is so much fun too.

Kristin and Marco, Ellie is such a lovely little one, and I know that you two are filled with joy. We are also joyful and continue in prayer for you. We leave Tuesday to visit Candace but are hoping to see you on the 23rd, and be able to hug all three!

Elsie & Bob

Erika said...

She is a sight to take in... dear Ellie. I cannot wait to see her again. You have been so blessed with a miraculous daughter.