Monday, July 27, 2009

At 9 months, Ellie...

* has quite the personality! We've noticed that she is a detailed person. She loves to investigate new things and play with ribbons, tags, and other small things. She is so expressive and loves to spend time talking with people.
* gets quite excited when she sees her Daddy come home.
* is no longer in her newborn, baby carseat. We bought her a bigger carseat as she outgrew the new and improved bucket seat in height and weight.
* started drinking milk and water from a Nuby sippy cup.
* still has no teeth but chews and chomps on cold teethers.
* loves spending time outside on the grass, in the sand, or out for a walk. We enjoy watching her feet feel the new textures and her eyes take in the new sights.
* has quite the sandle tan. She has her Daddy's skin :)!
* does not like it when sunscreen is applied or wearing hats. She will pull on the hat until she gets it off.
* started raising her hands above her head when she's happy, clapping, and waving.
* has started to spin around in circles on her tummy and will motor backwards. She will pull herself forward if she grabs our hands.
* gets excited when she hears the water running for bathtime. She's quite the little fish and will splash in the water for a long time!
* had her first Canada Day BBQ and Westerner Days parade.

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