Monday, October 03, 2011

Big Sister, Little Brother

Before Joel was born, Marco and I wondered how Ellie would take to being a big sister.  How would she show her love to this new little person that she had only heard us talk about? Ellie was Joel's first visitor at the hospital and I think it was love-at-first-hug-and-snuggle.  My Mom told me later that when she came out of the hospital room, she put both hands in the air and with excitement in her big brown eyes exclaimed, "The baby is here!"  

Ellie loves her little brother!  She loves to hold him, kiss his head, hold his hand, lay on the bed next to him, and read to him.  If she hears him crying, she'll run to where he is at and will say, "It's okay my boy...Ellie's here."

 It fills my heart to see them together. 

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Erika said...

My favorite part in the video is when Ellie says, "I'm 2!"