Saturday, March 31, 2012

At 6 months, Joel...

(journaled in Johannesburg, South Africa)

...weighs 17 lbs 11 oz and measures 26 7/8 inches long (measured the week we returned home to Canada).

...has his first stamp in his passport from South Africa! He won't remember it but we have the pictures for when he asks and we look forward to taking him back.
...was amazing at traveling, our littlest travel side-kick!  He slept well on the back to back long flights, either in our arms or on the seat next to us. 

...took in the many full days seeing the sights and visiting new places and people, from the Snugli or his bucket seat, with this grin on his face:

...saw the view from Table Mountain "Lion King" style, studied an elephant up close with his Daddy, and went on a 2-hour safari game drive holding his sister's hand. 


...was not a big fan of the ocean.   

  ...tried his first foods (yogurt, banana) but preferred fist fulls of sand.


...didn't make "strange" with all the new faces he met.  He enjoyed the snugs and hugs, especially with the friends we traveled with and his Tia.

Well done Joel!  Month number 6 was a big month for you.  We are looking forward to many more adventures with you!

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