Friday, March 23, 2012

Settling in

We have been home from South Africa for one week.  Has it been 7 days?  Already?!

When we laid our heads down on our pillows last Thursday, our bed felt incredibly comfortable, sheets so soft, and pillow just right.  Our internal clocks have taken a little longer to adjust to being home but I think for the most part we are doing well!  This week has held loads of laundry, grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, trips to the library, and photo editing with a cup of coffee while the little ones rest.  I have enjoyed listening to CBC Radio (oh Tempo, the Drive, and Stuart McLean we've missed tuning in), family walks after supper in the lingering light, and getting back into the daily rhythm that is comfortable.  We know there are things we want to change, things we need to change based on what we saw and experienced, but for now we are settling in. 


Pictures and stories from our adventure coming soon!


Kirstin said...

Can't wait to see your photos, friend. I missed your posts, and your presence in our town...even when I don't actually see you. :)

Marco, Kristin, Ellie, Joel de Andrade said...

I've missed you too friend! Looking forward to catching up.