Monday, September 10, 2012

Gifts: Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

Took a break over the summer but feeling the need to come back to this... #170 to #190...

* 3 gifts summer: the beginning of a long weekend with my loves, laundry on the line, and digging up garden produce.

* 3 gifts cut out: cutting ribbon to celebrate birthdays with family, freshly cut sweet peas from my Aunt's garden, and a day cut-away from the to-do lists.

* 3 gifts yellow: a sunflower on the kitchen table, bright yellow fabric on bulletin boards, and leaves changing yellow at the tops of the poplar trees.

* a gift cool, warm, and sun-soaked: early cool mornings, evening walks together while it's still warm out, and a room of children who have enjoyed many sun-soaked days.

* 3 gifts autumn: warmth of a sweater on a cooler, rainy day; taking brand new school supplies out of the package; and seeing the red leaves on our maple tree in our front yard.

* 3 gifts growing: my beautiful girl; a growing friendship between a friend I've known for a long time and E; and a story before bed.

* 3 gifts given: the hand of friendship extended at lunch time from a girl who is teaching me daily about love and grace, snuggles with my boy before bed, and serious goodnight kisses from my girl.



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