Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The first post of January

2005 in Pictures
Well, the last 6 months of 2005 that Marco and I have spent together :). May you know God's presence and guidance in your life this new year!

My Mom, Dad, and brother Nathan came home from China on June 8th.

I graduated from the UofA with my degree in Elementary Education on June 9th.

Marco and I were married in Edmonton on July 9th. It was a beautiful day!We went to Fairmont, BC for our honeymoon.

For Labour Day weekend, Marco and I drove out to Logan Lake, BC to visit Marco's Mom, Dad, and Aunt Maria from South Africa.

On September 17th, I did the 5 km Parkinson's Walk in Red Deer with my Aunt Laurie and cousin Amy.

These were busy months! I wasn't able to take many pictures but I remember taking this one of a beautiful fall sunset during a day at home. The colours were amazing!

Marco and I celebrated our first Christmas together. Many good memories!

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