Friday, April 20, 2012


Dear Joel,

When I laid you down to sleep tonight, something just wasn't right.  You looked up at me, closed your eyes tight, and cried.  So, I re-wrapped you in your blankets, lifted you up from the cradle, held you close and started to rock you back and forth.  At first your neck was stiff and you kept looking to the left and then to the right.  But then you settled in, into my chest, with your fingers of one hand resting on my arm.  I was gently breathing on you and you were breathing on me.  I could feel your little heart beating.  You relaxed.  Your little body got heavy and your eyelids soon followed.  It took me back to when we first brought you home from the hospital; you and I would rock, cheek to cheek, you nestled in, until you fell asleep.  Although, my heart was thankful for the little newborn memories, I was also a bit sad.  You are growing and changing so fast.  A part of me wants time to slow down so we can savour things and linger a bit longer. 


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