Monday, April 16, 2012

Gifts: Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

... gifts #86 to #106...

* three gifts rising up: a new morning, new beginnings, and a full, clean laundry basket after a weekend of little ones feeling sick.

* a gift hiding: I thought I missed celebrating on Sunday but sharing our special Easter meals on Monday was a hidden surprise; a gift held: The Rest of God: such a good read, and a gift heard: "Mommy, let's have a date...with my new bike!"

* three gifts opened up: an email from Bestemor about Pandas for E, genuine "how-are-you-doing?" texts, our fridge.

* three gifts budding or blooming: friendship between two-three year olds who think the other is just the best, plant from Joel's birth in full bloom in the living room, our baby boy who is growing and healthy.

* three gifts worn: ponytails, dress-up clothes, and raincoats.

* three gifts bright: waking up to kisses and "Good morning Mommy!", hearing imaginative play, and a white coat of paint.

* three gifts found looking up: looking at the clock and realizing a Saturday lie-in was just what you needed, arms of children asking to be picked up, and finding a new set of discounted sheets on the top shelf.

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